Volleyball Mom PNG Sublimation Clipart Graphic

Here’s what you get in this Volleyball Mom PNG Sublimation Clipart Graphic:

[1] Watercolor handpainted letterings of Mom, for the letters ‘M’, with a watercolor volleyball in between depicting the letter ‘O’…

… a bouquet of red handpainted flowers, roses and peonies with green leaves are underneath the word “Mom”…

… and one hand-painted red flower in on the volley ball too.

Start using it instantly after download for your t-shirt design, mug design, product graphics, stickers, scrapbooking, heat transfer projects, wall art, crafts, blog posts, store banners, website design, apps, baby shower invitations, greeting cards, stationery design, collage, junk journals…

… and more!

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[URL] : https://www.etsy.com/listing/710786445/volleyball-mom-png-sublimation-clipart

[NAME] : Volleyball Mom PNG Sublimation Clipart Graphic

[SIZE] : About 12 x 12 inches

[TYPE] : Transparent PNG

[ITEMS] : 1 clipart sublimation graphic

[RESOL] : 300 dpi

[STYLES] : Darling, hand drawn, simple, pleasant, fantasy

[USAGES] : Planner stickers, greeting cards, t-shirt design, store design, digital design, etc.

[TAGGINGS] : Volleyball Mom PNG Sublimation Clipart Graphic, Instant Digital Download, Commercial Use, Volley Ball Clip Art Sports Mother Ma Shirt Design

[OCCASIONS] : Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Teacher’s Day, Get Well, New Year

[USE] : Unlimited Quantity Commercial License Included. You may use this for anything you want, except…

[TERMS] : You are not allowed to resell or giveaway this clipart as is. You may not sell or give it away as part of a clipart or graphics package. You cannot resell or re-license the rights to these graphics or use them in a trademark without permission.

[CREDITS] : No credit or attribution required, but is appreciated and welcome.

[SHARING] : You cannot sell, lend or give any of these cliparts to anyone. If you have any friend who likes our work please refer them to our store.

[ADDITIONAL] : Colors may vary upon printing due to computer color calibration.

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